#970 Museum Lunch + Supper Club.

Today on my lunch break, Ben and I ate a bite at home then walked across the street to see the new exhibit at Lauren Rogers by Christo and Jeanne-Claude, artists who drape huge landmarks and sculptures in fabric. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the novelty of living across from the first art museum in Mississippi. Laurel is awesome for so many reasons and this is a really big one.

What kind of tree is this? I want them everywhere in my yard if they are red year round. I’m longing for fall so much it hurts.

The museum used to be a library and their collection of art books is wonderful. I love to look at them and imagine owning them all.

The exhibit features sketches of their art and other objects. I usually don’t “get” modern art, but I do enjoy looking at it.

“Hmmm… I think this one is about a pasture.”

We also found this $10 hardcover photo book of Laurel’s history. Such a steal!

Then tonight our church supper club had a baby shower for Jennifer and Kyle, which turned into a big time even with our little group.

Ben and Jim got Kyle a pink football so he can teach Penelope how to throw like the boys. Isn’t that cute?