#997 Laboring Day.

For a holiday from work, we sure did a lot of work. I planted some mums that will die in a couple days, Ben trimmed some hedges and built some frames, we cut back some bushes and blew off the driveway, and I’m so glad we finally took care of it all.

Okay, I needed a little help fixing one pot that was broken.

Then we went to a Labor Day party at Hopey’s and had a big time. I ate too much.

Jesse got a haircut, but not on top. We enjoyed poofing it and taking photos.

Jim taught Anne how to spell raspberry, but not Rasberry.


Act natural!



Dawn’s going to be a mommy again come February and you still can’t even tell.



I’m glad the Sherrells are in our lives these days. I hope they’ll make a habit of it.