Adam Trest's Inspiration Behind the New Psalms Collection

Laurel illustrator and full-time artist, Adam Trest, is excited to release his newest Psalm collection, a series of prints that depict his favorite Bible verses and reflect on imagery that has provided great comfort in his life. 

Trest uses vibrant, pastel colors to illustrate the morning, noon, and evening imagery that is emphasized in the Bible often. His love for creation has always been the centerpiece of his work, and he aims to tell a story that would inspire and enrich the lives of others.

Psalm Morning Print | 8" x 17" | $40.00

Trest explains, "These Psalm pieces were a commission series for a family in the medical field. They serve as a reminder to rest and remember the Lord is there in the morning, and He's with us throughout the day."

His color wheelhouse has centered around pastel hues for quite some time, and he even used variations of the same palette to reflect different times of the day in this series. Using brighter, rosier hues for the morning and richer, saturated tones to create shadows for the evening.

Psalm Noon Print | 8" x 17" | $40.00

He continues, "After the last three years of a pandemic and medical field crisis, we all need that moment of peace and a moment to remember those promises."  

Adam is most excited about continuing his work as a storyteller and an illustrator. He believes these new pieces will allow the viewer to find profound meaning in his work in their unique way.

 Psalm Evening Print | 8" x 17" | $40.00


He says, "I've always wanted my work to tell a story. I want my Psalm pieces to remind someone of their grandma that used to read the Psalms all the time, or I want it to be an encouragement for someone who may not be familiar with it. A tree full of birds could mean different things to me than it means to someone else. I hope to open up that dialogue so that it can mean different things to different people." 

Tree of Life | 11" x 11" | $30.00


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