American Makers Matter

When we opened our doors, we had two choices— work with American manufacturers or source our products overseas. There's no question that it would've been more accessible and cheaper to source materials internationally. We could yield more significantly more profits and purchase products for a fraction of the price, but the answer was simple. The cost of not supporting American makers was far greater, and that option didn't sit well with us. 

We knew we had to support American Made businesses because American makers matter. 

It's no secret that running a small business with this model requires strategy and time and proves to be more costly. The American economy has been dependent on foreign goods for a long time, but we're finally starting to see a turn in the workforce. Jobs are being created, manufacturing plants are opening, and it's all because shoppers are beginning to see the impact of supporting small businesses and the people that depend on them. 

We're proud to say that products from all over the country line our shelves, and each product is reasonably priced and made to last a lifetime. We handpick each American maker we partner with. They take pride in their work by choosing quality over everything, including high-profit margins. These American makers are a remarkable find because they genuinely care for their customers. Each item they sell provides more than a means to an end by putting a roof over their head, food on the table, and a fire in their belly to create more. It's more than their livelihood, it's their passion, and we see it with each product they deliver.

We've seen firsthand how American-made products are worth the investment. Thankfully, many people feel the same way and believe in supporting one another, no matter the cost. After all, it's the only way we're all going to make it. A rising tide lifts all boats, as they say.

There's something about placing your hard-earned money in the hands of your neighbors, the folks who live right down the street. It just means more to support the families you love and care about. Our mission to support makers is a joint effort; together, we can empower others to keep creating for the greater good.

We all have an important job: being the maker or the supporting consumer. When you choose to support LMCo., you're supporting American makers, manufacturers, and the small towns that depend on it.


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