Christmas Gift Guide For Home and Kitchen 2023

If you know someone who prefers to stay in, rather than go out and/or wants to perfect their cooking skills at home than go to a restaurant, then you're going to really appreciate this gift guide.

The items on this list are all American Made and heirloom quality, so you know you're giving something really special. 

1. Large Maple Pizza Board

Large Maple Pizza Board at Laurel Mercantile Co

Just imagine a melty and cheesy pizza sitting on this board or stacks of crisp waffles covered in maple syrup. Think of what all a home chef could do with a beautiful board like this!

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2. A Beautiful Mixing Bowl 

White Mixing Board for the Kitchen at Laurel Mercantile Co

Help your favorite home cook upgrade their mixing bowl game with this beautiful mix and pour batter bowl. They might even whip up a batch of cookies to say thank you for such a thoughtful gift!

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 3. Cherry Butcher Block 

Cherry Butcher Block from Scotsman Co

A sturdy butcher block is one of the most versatile and hardworking items in the kitchen. Any home chef knows the value of a quality board to work and serve on. 

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 4. A Set of Leather Coasters

Stack of brown Leather Coasters at Laurel Mercantile

With their richly tanned color, our Scotsman leather coasters make an durable home base for their beverage of choice. 

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 5. Jadeite Glass Pitcher

Jadeite Green Glass Pitcher at Laurel Mercantile

It doesn't get more classically beautiful than Jadeite. Jadeite has stood the test of time and will look amazing sitting alongside their Christmas tablescape. 

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6. Charcuterie Board

Walnut Oval Cheeseboards of different sizes stacked together at Laurel Mercantile Co

The ultimate gift for someone who loves to entertain and host guests in their home - a brand new cheese board! Choose from a variety of wood types, shapes, and sizes with our American made charcuterie boards and find the perfect board. 

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7. A Bag of Big Ben's Blends Coffee

A bag of Big Ben's Blends Coffee Whole Beans Coffee lying on a Cutting Board

For the caffeinated home cook who already has everything, get them something they will always appreciate - a fresh bag of Big Ben's coffee!

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8. Cotton Dishcloth Set

3 Wrapped and Packaged Country Cottons Dishcloth sets in blue, sage, and cream colors at Laurel Mercantile Company

This set includes 4 kitchen dishcloths that are not just pleasing to the eye, but are durable and sustainable. 

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9. Festive Hand Soap and Room Spray

Tree Lot Hand Soap and Room Spray Bottles sitting along among green glass Christmas tree scultures at the Laurel Mercantile

Consumable gifts that look this beautiful are always a great go-to option! 

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And last, but certainly not least...

10. Scented Candles from the Heirloom Rooms Collection

Heirloom Rooms Candle Collection from Laurel Mercantile

These aren't just scents, they're stories. Active memories inviting you to be present where you are and appreciate the place you call home. 

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 If you need more ideas of great gifts for home enthusiasts, check out our Gift Guide page.