Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day 


With Valentines Day coming up soon, you might already be thinking of ways to celebrate the most important person in your life. 

Flowers, candy, chocolate-covered strawberries, little gifts, and tokens of love are wonderful things to give and receive, yes…

But what if this year you tried something new? What if this was the year you started a brand new Valentine's Day tradition just to make your significant other feel extra special?  

Here are some ideas of new things you could try to have the best and most special Valentine's Day in 2023. 

Eat Breakfast For Dinner

Skip the steak dinner and opt for a beautiful, buttery Valentine's Breakfast! Nothing says ‘I love you with my whole heart” better than a buttered biscuit with bacon. 

Try a new recipe while you’re at it. Check out this biscuit and pancake mix. Also, this peach pecan jam would taste good with just about anything!

Plus, with the price of eggs today, it’s kind of like paying for a good steak. Is it too soon to joke about egg prices?


Have food delivered from somewhere outrageous 

Think back through special trips you’ve taken with your significant other. Maybe you had a fabulous time in New York City and loved the bagels from this one particular shop. Think back through your best meals and see if they’ll deliver to your door from out of state. 

This was inspired from the time Ben surprised Erin by having Chicago Deep Dish Pizza delivered to their home in Laurel, MS! Read about it here. 

Take a day trip

Take the day or the weekend leading up to Valentine's Day to go explore somewhere new today. Spend time together walking through shops, looking at the local sites, and picking out a fun new restaurant to try. 

Watch the sunrise together

Get up early and spend the first moments of the day together. Talk about what it was like when you first met. Talk about the first Valentine's Day that you spent together. Remember all of the beautiful moments that led you right where you are. 

You can take a drive and enjoy the sunrise somewhere extra beautiful - don’t forget the coffee! We’ve got the perfect roast for you! 


Rekindle an old tradition

Was there something special you used to do when you first met? Bring it back, but don’t tell them about it. It will be such a delightful surprise! 

Thoughtful handwritten note

If you get your partner a card every year, that’s great! Take it a step further by taking the time to write something meaningful. I guarantee you that he or she will treasure it forever. 

Eat Dinner on the Patio

Turn your patio into a cafe (weather permitting.) Put a tablecloth on the table and flowers in a vase. Turn on your favorite music and eat dinner outside. 

If it’s too cold to do this where you live, you can set up a spread in the living room or somewhere else in your house just to mix it up from your everyday. 


This idea was also inspired by one of Ben and Erin’s Valentines together. Read the journal entry here.  

Other Thoughtful little things you can do to make Valentine's Day extra special: 

Buy pastries from their favorite bakery

Light candles and give them time to take a bubble bath 

Make a playlist of your favorite songs

Take on their household chores for the 

Arrange childcare without being asked

However you choose to celebrate Valentine's Day this year, just remember this: it doesn’t matter what kind of gift you buy. What matters is that your significant other knows that you are doing everything possible to make them feel loved and appreciated. 

Often times the effort itself is the gift rather than the actual present. 

We hope that you have the best Valentine's Day ever. Let us know in the comments if you decide to try something new!