Gosh Almighty... Just Look At These Boards!

What do you do when you hear through the grapevine that your beloved University is replacing a campus athletics court? 

You turn that hallowed material into something new that any Ole Miss fan would love to have in their home. 

That might not be anyone’s initial response other than our own, Ben Napier.  

Ben’s penchant for repurposing material and the Scotsman team’s commitment to manufacturing and equipping future makers opened up a unique opportunity to take something old and turn it into something that serves the next generation, our own hometown, and anyone who loves Ole Miss. 

Ben and the team transformed the reclaimed court into one-of-a-kind serving boards for those who love Ole Miss just as much as he does. 

These serving boards not only support the men and women who make them at Scotsman Manufacturing but also the University of Mississippi as they train the next generation of leaders in modern manufacturing.

A portion of all of the proceeds from these limited edition boards will help fund a scholarship for students studying at the Haley Barbour Center for Manufacturing Excellence. We believe in American-made and want Mississippi to continue leading the way in US manufacturing. 

Find out more about the scholarship here.

These limited edition serving boards feature a clean cutting surface with the branded Scotsman logo for daily use. The back displays the engraved and epoxy-filled Ole Miss logo proudly alongside original nail holes from the floor. These boards truly reflect the ambitious spirit of Ole Miss. 

Each board is unique in its design, no two are alike. Between the small, medium, and large sizes, some boards feature red or blue floor stripes and/or nail holes. It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway - each board is completely sanitized and food-safe. 

These boards were made for the die-hard Ole Miss fans and will be an heirloom in your home or the perfect gift for the Ole Miss fan in your life. 

You can hear more from Ben, Josh, and Jim about how Manufacturing revitalizes small towns and paves the way for the next generation in this special project video. 

Hotty Toddy!