Heirloom Rooms is here!

We're throwing confetti over here because it's Heirloom Rooms release day!

Heirloom Rooms book written by Erin Napier

Erin Napier's latest book is a timely reminder that our homes are meant to be loved and lived in. 

It's a book that celebrates the imperfection of our houses and the beautiful life that happens there. 

Part Southern non-fiction and part photo book of beautifully imperfect, lived-in spaces with prompts for the reader to document their own homemade memories, Heirloom Rooms feels like walking through the front door of the collected and loved-in houses Erin and Ben are known for revitalizing on Home Town. 

Order your copy today. 

Meet Erin Napier at the Heirloom Rooms Book Signing

You are also invited to join Erin for an in-person book signing this weekend, October 7,2023 at the Scent Library in downtown Laurel.  Click here to purchase your ticket for the book signing with Erin. 

This is a ticketed event. Only people who have purchased a ticket will be able to attend the book signing. 

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We can't wait for you to get your hands on this beautiful new book!