Helen's First Easter

After 3 months spent with Helen, I'm finally easing back into journaling here. I've been working on her baby photo book from Artifact Uprising since she was born, trying my best to take more Polaroids and print more tangible photos. I'll write about what it's been like becoming a new mama one day, but for now: Helen's first Easter.

I'm so thankful for our girl this year, who will make holiday completely new. It's like we get to start over with the wonder of family traditions and see it through her eyes. Starting with her first visit from the Easter bunny, who decided this year we would also start a tradition of having breakfast from Waffle House on Easter Sunday, so we woke up to a few surprises:

Helen's nickname is Super Bunny, because we saw this on instagram when she was a brand new babe and thought it looked just like her.

So of course, my mama made her an actual Super Bunny for her first Easter. You can guess what her Halloween costume will be.