Scents of The Season: The 2023 LMCo Holiday Candle Collection

What are the hallmark scents you associate with the Holiday season? The scents that make you close your eyes and think about joyous Christmas mornings?

You might think of the warming aroma of a hot mug of wassail,

that fresh, earthy fir tree scent,

or dried oranges and cinnamon... 

And those of us from Laurel, MS have a special affinity for the smell of pancakes and maple syrup -- click here to read about our town's special Christmas Kickoff event. 

We look forward to lighting and taking in these special collection of candles all year! 

Each of these scents were designed by Erin and her team attached with Erin's own personal scent memories and stories.

Pancake Day 

Maple Syrup & Fireplace

"If you've ever lived in Laurel, you know the magic of Pancake Day. The early morning hours on the first Saturday in December are spent in line on Oak Street at the door of the old YWCO for pancakes and sausage, along with every person I've ever known in my life. Everyone shares tables with old friends, cousins, aunts, and uncles who've been doing this since they were young, too. In a few short hours, Mississippi's longest Christmas parade rolls through downtown, and Laurel becomes something you only see in the movies. We've labored to find the perfect notes of real maple syrup with just a smidge of smokey fire that reminds me of winter days growing up at my grandparents' cabin with the men cooking sausage and bacon in cast iron over an old wood-burning stove." - Erin

Pancake Day is available in 13oz, 11oz, and 5oz sizes. 

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Cinnamon + Cranberry

"It captures the feeling of a warm cider in hand while a classic black and white movie plays quietly in the background. Then the front door swings open to announce the arrival of beloved family and friends you've longed to see. Wassail smells like a warm greeting that you've waited for all year." - Erin


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Tree Lot

Fir Branches 

"The day after Thanksgiving we go to the Christmas tree farm to choose the Fraser fir that will sit beside the fireplace. The smell of trimmed evergreen branches will drift through the house and officialize the beginning of the Christmas season, the end of one year, and the bright new beginning of another." - Erin

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Christmas Eve

Winter Winds + Warm Drinks

"On the stovetop, the liquid joy of apple, red hot cinnamon and orange slices simmers and bubbles, waiting to fill our mugs. We breathe it in as we stand in the freezing back yard while the kids shoot fireworks, the last hurrah before bedtime when Santa will finally come." - Erin

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Season of Hope 

Citrus + Clove

This year Erin and the Scent Library teamed up with the Salvation Army to bring you special new Holiday Candle - Season of Hope 

Known for the red buckets and bells each holiday season, the Salvation Army truly brings hope to struggling families across the world. We could think of no better organization to partner with and help spread hope and joy this year. 

This special edition candle is only available in 11oz vessels. 

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If you ask us, we'll say that lighting a candle is one of, if not the best way to make spirits bright this year. 

Make your holiday fragrance collection complete with Room Sprays and Hand Soaps in your favorite Holiday Collection scents. 

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