Scotsman Candle

A few months back I posted in stories about’s cologne and how dreamy it is and y’all said you wanted a candle that smelled like that. It’s a cologne that was also worn by Ernest Hemingway and JFK, and to me it smells like black pepper and mandarin and musk and Boston and date nights and a cold breeze in November and a speaking engagement when I’m a little nervous and he gives me a hug that makes me feel better about things and his shirt the day our daughter was born and his dress clothes closet when I open the door fast and it’s still barely there, hanging onto his lapels and neck ties. 😍 So we made the Scotsman candle inspired by that and you can find it (and all my other favorite things from @laurelmercantile) at the link in my profile. (Photo by @brookedavisphoto)

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