The 3 Must-Eat Restaurants in Wetumpka

If you’ve watched any of the Home Town Takeover series, you know Wetumpka is full of good people with big hearts and even bigger dreams. What you see is what you get, but what you don’t see on screen (or taste for that matter) is the mind-blowing food that comes out of this little-town-that-could.

 So I took it upon myself to do the "hard" work for you. I took a short day trip to Wetumpka to find some of the best local food, and I think I stumbled across the most delicious treasures in Alabama.

 1. Coaches Corner

 Coaches Corner is a Wetumpka staple that captures the hearts and tastebuds of any kind of southern food fanatic. The menu is simple, as in, everything on it is good . Shellie, the owner of the Big Fish house and the Director of the Chamber of Commerce, and I decided to go big and try a bit of everything. We went with the famous buffalo wings in a mild sauce, fresh fried oysters, fried green tomatoes, the nachos grande, and the scrumptious Southwest burger. This was a lofty start and it made me admire the work of Guy Fieri that much more. I mean, how does he do it? The Southwest burger is a 1lb chargrilled, double patty topped with bacon, jalapeño, queso cheese and pure love. I still dream about this burger. If you’re up for a Ben Napier-sized task, ask for the Eddie burger. It’s not even on the menu, but they’ll know what you’re talking about.

Want to know the best part about the whole experience? Erin and Ben renovated this space so visitors can eat and enjoy the most gorgeous look out over the Coosa River. How dreamy is this spot?

 2. Coosa Cleaver

The Coosa Cleaver is another favorite spot located in downtown Wetumpka. Coosa Cleaver offers a quick-casual dining experience while serving American pub fare with a Southern flair. It's a two story restaurant setup that satisfies your cravings for rich, flavorful food and history.The first floor feels like a cabin and the theme revolves around the Coosa River as old-fashioned canoes and paddles line the walls. When you make your way to the second floor, you’ll find a long, wooden bar that is fashioned with parts of an old piano.We ordered the classic burger, the 'Tump Tump' shrimp and a fun afternoon cocktail called the "River Rat Rum Punch."

Would 100% eat all of this again! What would you pick on their menu?

3. Frio’s Gourmet Pops

At this point, I could not possibly eat anything else, but I did make room for Frio’s Gourmet Pops. (Plus, Erin specifically said to try one!)With over 70+ signature and seasonal gourmet pops, Wetumpka’s Frios is overflowing with flavor.

Fun fact: Frios began with one entrepreneur in his garage in Gadsden, Alabama. The original owner wanted to escape the dull corporate life, so he started making frozen pops and selling them at local events. Little did he know that his popsicle stand would become a franchise and a nation-wide name. That’s what the power of small-town folks can do. I went with the Strawberry Mango pop. It was filled with local, fresh fruit and tasted most satisfying on a 90 degree day in southern Alabama. (Another fun fact: Helen’s favorite flavor is Pink Lemonade!)

After a full day of eating the best foods in Wetumpka, I made the journey home with a full stomach and heart. This town is such a dreamy place to visit, and I can’t wait to share more about Wetumpka! Stay tuned.