The Farlin House- Season 6

"We moved to Laurel on faith. We had expectations. Sometimes expectations can
ruin the outcome of the best dreams, but we never dreamed things would go the
direction they did.
Becoming a part of Laurel took some time, and we soon realized that home
ownership in the south was different than our previous hometown of Tucson,
Arizona. Things like weather, critters, humidity and slower pace are just to name a few. 
Very quickly we noticed it was the houses in all the areas of Laurel that seemed to
be narrating a story as we searched for a home of our own. The Leggett house
called our name and we spent nearly a year pouring our ideas, sweat and love
into the continuing story it was telling.
Our guest cottage in the back yard was a task we never thought we would be
able to finish, especially in a timely fashion and we had no idea of what designs would fit the little 250 square foot dwelling. That all changed when our new friends Ben and Erin stepped in.
We believe, our cottage is now telling the continuing saga of Laurel to us. It
seemed to say, “Any town in which you live is really what you make it”. And it was
right! Ben and Erin gave our cottage life again filled with a hope and a dream; the
hope that it would have purpose and the dream that it would matter in the lives
of others.
We are so blessed to share the cottage with others who need a respite from life
and the comfort of home with no obligation. Now we hear two stories and both are stories of faith and exceeding expectations." -Mike Farlin
Let's take a look into their cottage!
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