Home Town, Season Two: The Simmons House

Last week’s episode of Home Town was one for those who yearn to restore what is forgotten and value family and tradition. Robyn and Cassidy, a newly wed couple, were the epitome of sentimental, when they came to Erin and Ben with a daring request that made moving a mountain look easy. 



Robyn’s ninety year old farmhouse, built by her great grandparents, was passed down to her but is in desperate need of renovation. Not only did it have three doors on the outside, its structure and blueprint needed a complete overhaul. The biggest challenge for the beloved Conliff House was that it needed to be moved somewhere else before they could renovate.



 While the Key Home, Erin and Ben’s second option, could have been an easier and possibly less expensive home to renovate— Robyn and Cassidy knew the Conliff House was too valuable to let go.


Ben and Erin were up for the challenge and made the home that was built by a farmer and his wife ninety-years ago, into a home that still brings the whole family together.


The Exterior:

 Ben removed the outdated vinyl from the outside of the home and patched in the three entrances. He added windows to give this house a central focal point. The door was painted Marblehead Gold by Benjamin Moore and the trim was painted a complimentary blue (Erin's signature!)

With the addition of the lattice paneling and new beams, this house looks like it was built here the whole time.


When Ben and Josh Nowell created this bench from two families, it was one of our favorite moments. It helped transform an entry way into a wall of fame. 


The Kitchen:

Easily one of the best rooms in the Simmons house! Once a sunroom, now  transformed into a bead-board covered, farmhouse dream. Erin designed this space to be simple, yet colorful. 

The floors, painted a Rustic Brick by Benjamin Moore, were the bright spot of this room. Along with the custom plate racks built by Ben and his associate, Chad. 


The Dining Room:

Once planked in by old, dingy wood– now bright, fun and ready to entertain. Ben and Cassidy built the dinner table out of his grandfather's spare lumber and now it is another heirloom for their new Simmons House. 

The Grain Sack Table Runner is one of our favorite products featured in this episode! Throughout history, each family of farmers had a stripe pattern to differentiate between their grains. Now the Simmons can have their own to make their family table special. 

What most didn't notice was the bright ceiling, painted Bourbon St. Blue by Sherwin Williams. Erin really knows how to sneak in color in every room!


The Living Room:

Once a small bedroom, Erin and Ben opened the entry way and living room to be one continuous and flowing space. The living room complimented every other room in its simple color scheme true to a farmhouse in Mississippi.

The Girl's Room:
Erin and Ben practiced decorating a little girl's room in the Simmons House, and it was fun to see their eyes brighten as they delivered a this dream room to Robyn and Cassidy! 

We can't wait to see where the Simmons House will be in the next ninety years.
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