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"Years ago, I made a promise to myself. A pledge to seek out the positive. To take the messiness of life and pull out the thing that made me smile. It took the form of an online journal that I kept every day for seven straight years, which I called “Make Something Good Today.” When you document every single day of your life, you’re forced to notice the pattern of blessings. In the aftermath of despair, you find the gift of perspective. This journaling exercise changed the way I saw the world, and I hope it challenges you to do the same."

- Erin Napier

The First Entry
Jan. 1, 2010

#1 The Walk

Because in my experience even years have been happy years, I think this will be the very first time I document the best thing that happens every day of my ho-hum, sometimes magical, most times stressed out life. I feel sure no one will be reading this except maybe my husband Ben from time to time, but I want to document at least one year of our life for posterity. At least, the moments of it that I care to remember.

The Last Entry
Jan. 2, 2020

The Decade in my Rearview

January 1, 2010 was a decade ago.

That was the first day of my life as an entrepreneur. At that moment in my life, Ben and I had been married for a little more than 1 year, we were madly in love, living in the 100 year-old loft we renovated ourselves on a shoestring budget, that was filled with shabby (loved) furniture handed down from our parents and refinished to suit us, and I was horrified and exhilarated as I left the safety of my day job in the cubicle to start my own luxury wedding stationery company and I called it Lucky Luxe. I had a few hundred friends on Facebook and Instagram did not exist...

Everything In Between

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