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Home Town Season 8

Episode 1


Jeff and Kristie are moving to Laurel to escape the cold Canadian winters. As parents of four boys, they're looking for a house with spacious rooms and outdoor space where the family can spend time together. With a budget $325,000, Ben and Erin show them two homes. The Hay's House is 2300 sq. ft., close to town and boasts a huge bonus feature in the backyard. They also tour the Roberson House, a 2800 sq. ft. bungalow, which sits on a huge rural piece land with a big front porch. While Ben recovers from surgery for a shoulder injury, he enlists the help of his best friends (Jim and Josh) to help get the reno done.

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Episode 2


Ben and Erin design a house that is one-of-a-kind. Civil engineer and artist, Mike, is moving from Seattle to Laurel to be closer to his dad. With a generous budget of $700,000, Ben and Erin show him two large houses that suit his modern-contemporary vibe, both that they will make room for one of Mike’s non-negotiables…an outdoor hot tub. The Wickenhauser house is first up with five massive bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. The Burton house is smaller, but elegant. Erin paints Mike a picture of what she envisions for the space, but is thrown a curve-ball. Mike doesn’t like it.

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Episode 3


Jones College has a special spot in Ben and Erin’s hearts – it’s where they met and fell in love and now they’ve been asked to restore The Old President’s House for the President’s Chief of Staff, Jon Ryan, and his wife, Ginny, also alums of the college. It’s a team-effort as Jones College students - past and present - step in to help make this house feel less institutional and more like a home, while creating welcoming spaces that will bring Jones College students together.

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Episode 4


Angela has overcome addiction and completely turned her life around. Now, she’s ready to begin a new chapter and is buying her very first home. Built in the 1940s, The McClellan House is 2100 sq. ft. with more than enough room for her and her son Sean. With a budget of $150,000, Ben and Erin want to bring back what was once a big front porch, create a music room for her son, and finally give her a laundry room, a luxury she’s never had! After a community-lead “delicate demo” with help of some heavy machinery, they make a fun discovery behind a living room wall, but run into problems in the kitchen.

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