#1,007 Kettle Corn.

It’s Thursday. I’ve been looking forward to today since Sunday, when I ran out of kettle corn.

My friend Kandace and her husband are making this stuff and it’s addictive. Seriously addictive. I have a problem. I ate about a 2 gallon-size bag of the salty-sweet crunchy deliciousness in 3 days and joined the Wilson’s Kettle Corn facebook page to put in my order for this week. She delivers every Thursday to wherever you are, so you have to get on the list. It’s like going to the county fair without the manure smell and scary rides. If you’re one of my faraway readers, I feel sad that you can’t get your own bag next Thursday. Best 5 bucks I ever spent.

I’m so glad Ben hates popcorn.

Also, look how beautiful the sunlight is becoming as autumn gets closer. It feels different, doesn’t it?