#1,011 Daddy’s 59th.

Today is my daddy’s 59th birthday, so we went out to their house for dinner and some family hang out time outside. It was such a fantastic night to be outside… All the rain we’ve been getting has left the grass the most brilliant green and brought in a cool front that merits long sleeves.

The buttermilk spice cake was great. I should’ve put  more icing on it, but I felt like I was killing my family with cholesterol and held back!

Daddy wanted nothing more than to fish for his birthday, so we walked down to the pond to hang with him while he did his thing. Just last year, it was just a big hole in the backyard and it’s so lush and beautiful now. He spends so much time here.

They work so hard on the yard and deck… Their backyard looks like Eden.

Afterward, we went to see Mammaw at her house. I was telling her about our long long road trip coming up soon and she told us about the time she and Pappaw and Annalee’s grandparents drove to Mexico. I think there was talk of skinny dipping. I feel like I don’t even know her!

On an unrelated note, we found a jewel at Walmart tonight.