Candles That Scream Spring: The Garden Collection

Spring is in the air here in Laurel, MS. And we mean that literally because the fabled Sweet Olive Blossom is blooming, the sun doesn't set until late in the evening, and the vibrant green grass and leaves are beckoning us to linger a little longer outside. 

There's no better way to welcome the season of renewal than with the warm glow and inviting aroma of a spring-inspired candle. From floral bouquets to fresh citrus blends, the perfect candle scent can effortlessly capture the essence of springtime.

Since we released these scents a few years ago, the candles in the Garden Collection have become some of the most popular candles we have in our shop. 

Let's explore the scents and stories in the Garden Collection. 

Making it's debut this year is a brand new addition to the Garden Collection. We are happy to introduce Garden Mint. 

Garden Mint

Wildflowers + Mint

"Summer in the garden brings the sweet smell of wildflowers and water mint running wild along our iron fence and the blooms invite the bees and butterflies to run alongside the girls. We rarely miss a sunset in the garden on these days that end with dirt in our boots and the lingering scent of mint on our fingertips." - Erin 

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Pear Cake

Orchard Pear + Caramel Icing

"In the spring of 2013, Mallorie and Jim were expecting their first baby, Lucy. After lunch at my grandmother's one Sunday, Mallorie stood on the screened porch with her hand on her growing belly, staring at the pear tree in the yard. Tiny white blossoms had sprouted on the limbs the week before. 'When the pears are ripe, Lucy will be here,' she said. My eyes watered at the thought of my best friend and cousin’s brand new daughter finally in our arms— the first baby in our family since me. The day Lucy was born, I plucked three pears from the tree and baked my mama’s famous pear cake recipe. The cake sat waiting on Mallorie and Jim’s kitchen counter when they brought Lucy home." - Erin

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Ouida's Garden 

Roses + four o'clocks

"My grandmother, Ouida Walters Rasberry, was a master gardener. Wrapping the screened-in back porch were her heirloom tea roses and four o’ clocks: a scent so much a part of our summer visits in those rocking chairs. I spent two years fine-tuning this scent to replicate it and go there again." - Erin

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Ponchatoula Strawberry 

Summer Sorbet

"Mallorie's family hails from the land of the sweetest strawberries in the world—south Louisiana. This fragrance smells the way an ice cold strawberry sorbet tastes, like the sweetest treat on a hot summer day." - Erin

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Lemon Ice Box Pie

Meyer Lemon + Whipped Cream

"In the neighbor's yard is a tree filled with lemons drooping perfectly from every branch. It’s the brightest summer greeting and invitation to pick a few and head to the kitchen to celebrate and make something special— Lemon Icebox Pie. The smell of homemade whipped cream and Meyer lemon fill the air and even the hottest days of the summer couldn’t melt that bitter sweet taste and feeling away."
- Erin

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Garden Tomato

Heirloom Tomato + Cut Grass

"There is no better summer supper than this: homemade bread sliced thin, generously slathered in mayonnaise, lined with crisp, smoky bacon, and bright red tomato slices. This fragrance captures step one: plucking a warm, ripe tomato from the vine in the summer sun with fresh-cut grass beneath bare feet." - Erin

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Fig Preserves

Fig + Wild Honey

"The fig bushes in my parent's back yard were twiggy things when they built the house in 1992. Today they tower 15 feet tall, a wall of green and velvety purple behind the porch. They harvest and toil at making the preserves every summer, boiling the glass jars and straining the seeds from the figs to create a whiskey-colored syrupy mash, the crown jewel of a cathead biscuit." - Erin

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As you can tell, this collection is bursting with memories and scents that range from earthy to floral to sweet. There is truly something for everyone to love in this growing collection. 

And one more thing - each of these scents are now available in wax melts. Click here to shop Garden Collection Wax Melts.