#1,033 Talking.

I’ve told y’all what a solitary existence I live most days. When Ben and I part ways after breakfast at home, I sit all by my lonesome in the loft listening to Sufjan Stevens or Ben Folds, working until it’s all finished and time to go back home. Some days I only speak if the phone rings between the hours of 9 and 5, and usually it’s just Ben saying hello. A couple months ago I was asked to speak at our juco alma mater, JCJC, and this morning I had the very great pleasure of talking to about 50 art and yearbook students about my story from Jones to international entrepreneurship. When I tell the story out loud, it sounds like a big happy accident in our terms, but I believe completely that it was all God’s plan all along.

I have no idea why my hair looks black back there. Is it really black back there? I never check. Could be a rat’s nest. Who knows? 

I think I actually enjoy public speaking as much as the work I do. It’s the very opposite of my normal day. You ought to invite me to come talk to you sometime. Cause I’ll DO IT.

After a meeting about the future of my website with Bo at C3, I did my day’s work and rushed over to a neighborhood meeting and then to our friend Robby’s new art gallery opening. It was SO impressive. The first show is a photography series by he and 2 other guys from the neighborhood who climbed Kilimanjaro. How many people do you know who’ve done that? I know 3! Come to think of it, my town is full of interesting people like that.

There were delicious hor d’oeuvres like twice-baked mushrooms and onion-brie bread and sweet tea in Mason jars.

Good day. Fun day.