#1,035 Football + Shooting + 80.

While Ben spent time with his brothers and daddy at Cruisin’ the Coast, I was hanging with my family watching Ole Miss beat the dress off Auburn. It’s our first SEC win this season and it was a huge relief to see the Rebels beat them by several touchdowns, not just by a field goal or something.

Since I was home in my high school bathroom, I took the ever popular high school bathroom iPhone photo to send to Ben. Aren’t I clever?

Clark brought Beau, their 11 year-old lab. He’s the paterfamilias of dogdom in our family.

Clark’s friend, Landall, finally rolled in from Jackson at halftime.

You could call us sophisticated rednecks, I guess.

And this is what 3 highly educated rednecks did when the game was over to celebrate the win: they target shot with my grandfather’s German gun from WWII. Daddy asked if I’d ever shot a long gun before. I told him I had not. And so, he showed me how.

Before long, I was on the road headed to Collins for Ben’s grandaddy’s 80th birthday party.

Baby Ben lives on the wall there, forever in a state of pre-burly beardedness. Ain’t he the cutest?