#1,036 Church + Mama’s Birthday.

I spoke in church this morning on who has contributed to my spiritual growth and I swear it felt like Joey chose all the songs dearest to me for the late service for that very reason. We sang 2 of the songs from our wedding ceremony, Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing and Be Thou My Vision. If you’ve not heard that one lately, you really should. Hope and I agreed we’d both have that song in our weddings some day, and we did. I loved sharing that with her and every time I hear it it feels like that freezing cold afternoon in Oxford when I became Ben’s wife.

Afterward we went to my parents’ for mama’s birthday lunch. Her actual birthday is tomorrow, but Sunday lunch is the best, isn’t it?

He would.

Also, Mallorie’s kitchen is finished and I’m insane with jealousy. But seriously, it looks awesome. And I hate her.

We’re twinsies with our Old Try prints! She got the Mason-Dixon Line and I got the Hotty Toddy:
P.S. The Hattiesburg American did a nice interview with me that was in the paper today. The photographer was there for less than 1 minute and took a nice picture. What are the odds of that? Also, I really do own other dresses.