#1,047 Photo Shoot.

Today was the day, and tomorrow morning by lunch we should be all finished. Jean Allsopp spent the day meticulously photographing every last detail of our house. I feel sort of exposed (right, coming from someone who blogs about her life every day) but in a good way I guess. Anything to shine a positive light on our city on a national scale is my goal, regardless of how exhausting it might be for us personally. Today was stress free on my part while the professionals fluffed and arranged and moved and tilted and turned every object within these walls. I think if the walls had been moveable they would’ve scooted this one here, that one there. It was fascinating, like watching a game where turning the book to show the spine rather than the pages is a GAME CHANGER. I learned so much about how to make things beautiful today. It seems superficial to worry about things being ‘beautiful’ but beauty to me is not necessarily beauty to you, and that gives us quality of life, doesn’t it? To have something look the way you imagine it would look best gives you a feeling of contentedness. It does me, anyway.

I learned today that behind the scenes it has to be ugly to make it beautiful in front of the camera. My house is turned upside down right now, with furniture and pillows and blankets not in their normal positions, but in different places that make those objects feel brand new. Sometimes all you have to do is move the little things around and stick some flowers in a pitcher to make your house feel totally different. You should try it!







For our portrait on the front porch, they suggested we include the pups. Yesterday when Chevy got his yearly checkup and a shampoo, I asked the vet what he recommends we do to keep them calm for the photo shoot. He said “give them each 4 of these little tranquilizer pills and they’ll be just fine.” Baker was just fine until he saw the flash from the camera, which equated to lightening which means seek shelter. Chevy was comatose. Seriously, couldn’t wake up and drooled all over the porch. Baker never fell asleep, he was just drunk so we walked him back to his bed after the “family portrait.”

You’re definitely gonna wanna click this and see it bigger. 

Chevy became a fixture in the porch scene. Now ain’t that just precious? A white dog sleeping on the porch. Or drugged, whatever.

Eventually he woke up enough to walk to his doghouse. He’s gonna sleep good tonight.

Tomorrow morning we’ll take the last few photos and life as we know it will resume. Whew.