#1,051 Heat + Pricing.

Well today was the first time we’ve turned on the central heat in our house. Since we sort of skipped winter this year and we didn’t move in until March anyway, we never needed it until this morning when it was 34 degrees outside. It felt like we skipped fall and went straight to Christmas! So I designed this year’s Christmas stationery and listen to Sufjan Stevens’ Christmas album. I couldn’t help it. Had the little electric heater pulled up to my desk and everything!

In business news, I’ve finished making the new pricing strings for the new website. That task has been hanging over me for a week now because I thought it would be terribly complicated and tedious. It was tedious, but not complicated, and I’m super pleased with the day’s progress. Next up, we’ll be taking all new photos of the invitations. Can’t wait to see it all come together!