#1,054 The Woods + Requiem.

We went out to daddy’s farm/cabin/man land this evening just before it got dark to start looking for the Christmas tree for Pinehurst Park in downtown Laurel. Ben wants a 20 footer.

While we didn’t find anything on our preliminary hunt, I did get to see the last of today’s beautiful sunlight. I can’t believe it’s already November.

Headed home after dinner, we passed by the sandwich board on the sidewalk as we were almost home when I remembered that First-Trinity’s concert series continued tonight with John Rutter’s Requiem. I sang that in concert choir in college and wanted to hear it again sung by their amazing choir. There was a cello, which of course is the greatest instrument of all. Hearing one in a gothic chapel like that makes it so much better.

This was my church in high school and at Jones, and I got to sing in that choir. It was a great feeling being there again and hearing them.

The music director and organist, our friend Derrick, once played the organ at the Vatican in the same shoes he wore tonight. Keep Laurel interesting, y’all.