#1,053 Halloween.

These dudes knew something was going on in the streets this evening.

Halloween is pretty huge deal in our neighborhood. 6th Avenue just around the corner is the really crazy busy street on Halloween night, but most of the historic district is blocked from traffic so little kids can run in the streets while their harried mamas and daddies run behind toting 50 lb. candy sacks. It’s such an exciting night in Laurel every year.
Before the fun began:

We serve the candy out of the cool cat head we got last year at the antique mall.

Before long, the kiddos were coming in waves:

Isaac came to town for Halloween! I was so excited to see my favorite little (big!) boy:

I am TOTALLY copycatting her haircut tomorrow at the salon. No pun intended. 

Mama and her first cousin, Mark. Two of the best writers in Jones County.

Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Bobby helped hand out candy all night. So glad they were here!

Just like sisters:

We walked around the neighborhood with Isaac getting candy. The Bennetts went to clown school back in the day. How cool is that?!

6th Avenue in the dark made for some spooky photos with thousands of trick-or-treaters crowding the streets.


Had a couple of Duck Dynasty fans:
And a gorilla:

Got too hot.

Until next year, Halloween!