#1,064 Everyone's Here.

After Sunday lunch on the porch in what felt like springtime weather, I napped on the porch bed while Ben and Jesse talked, working out all the problems of the world. I don’t remember ever being so comfortable outdoors in my life, lying in a mountain of pillows with the breeze instead of air conditioning. We left the porch doors open with the Dave Matthews Band Pandora station playing, and before I knew it the afternoon became evening and it was time for church. It was a fantastic way to waste a day. When I came to from my porch nap haze, I had a text message from Emily telling me she and Josh are home and they’re coming over to watch The Walking Dead after church. It’s such a happy surprise when they come home because we never give any notice. One day they live in Pennsylvania and the next day they’re home for 2 weeks and the neighborhood feels complete.

So after church, I, Ben, Jesse, Jim, Mallorie, Emily, Josh and Amber came over and squeezed onto both sofas, the armchair and the floor to watch the show. It feels good when everyone is in town. Isn’t it wonderful when friends feel just like family?