#1,074 Pre-Decorating.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, but since I took the day off and we’ve noticed people really jumping the gun on putting up their trees, we got antsy and headed to the Christmas tree farm to make sure we got a good looking fraser fir before they’re picked over.

That’s a bingo.

We also cut one for Ben’s parents since we’re spending the day over there tomorrow. He was SUPER excited to tag another one.

Jim and Mal found the perfect 10′ Leyland cypress.

And had a special moment.



So buying a tree also meant we got out all the other stuff to decorate, and I started putting up a little here and there. Not the full setup by any means, but a start.

We fluffed it out and put some water in the stand and stopped there for the night because…

I had to get busy baking a new pie recipe for tomorrow. I hope the Napiers will like it! Ben posted this photo on instagram and immediately the official Pawn Stars page ‘liked’ it. We were starstruck.

Happy Thanksgiving, indeed.

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. 4 years. Feels like 4 months to me. Since we’ll be doing Thanksgiving stuff we’re postponing any celebrating until Friday and then doing my family’s Thanksgiving/Egg Bowl party/tree decorating all day Saturday. I hope you have a funny, high calorie, festive weekend ahead, too!