#1,075 Thanksgiving + 4th Anniversary + Christmas.

Thanksgiving. Our 4th wedding anniversary. Such a fun and good day. So many sweet things happened and I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking, but first of all I would like for you to read the blog my mama wrote tonight about Thanksgiving. I cried reading it, not because it made me feel sad, but because she easily and simply captured exactly the way my grandparents were, what my childhood Thanksgivings were like, the way it feels to be their daughter. They’re more than just the writer and the therapist, they’re such good, unpretentious, hardworking, tough people. Simple, sentimental and loving people. It’s something I’m forever trying my best to replicate. I didn’t get to spend today with them, but Saturday we’re going to have a very big time to celebrate Thanksgiving and the beginning of Christmas.

Here’s what today looked like:

Dog walk before we left for the day. Can you believe how the ginkgo trees are showing out this year?

My contribution to Thanksgiving—black bottom pumpkin pie.

 Dancing to this, in honor of our anniversary, because Bruno is his guilty pleasure:

Then the spread in Newton at Ben’s parents’ house:

Afterward, Jookie and I made stockings for the new house. I’ve never had my own mantle before!

 Here’s a start. I’ve got some adornments left to do:

Then Tom and Allison made it in time for the sequel:

And we set up his parents’ fresh cut tree before heading home:

Once we got home, we couldn’t stand not to decorate our own tree. So we turned on the TV and felt like little kids.

 A wedding gift from our first Christmas. So beautiful.

Ben put some of the tree clippings on the bookcases and I love it!

Our Stockbridge Christmas village and the matching Norman Rockwell painting, a gift from Ben last Christmas:

It’s a magical feeling when the dreams for your someday marriage, career and home one day become real life. I can’t understand why God has given us so many blessings, but I’ll do everything I possibly can to pay Him back and let Him know how thankful I am.