#1,096 Love Week.

Tonight after a huge dinner, Ben gave me our 4th Year book. He’s been making one every year for our wedding anniversary since we were married, each one is bound in material relating to that year’s traditional wedding present. The 4th wedding anniversary gift is traditionally floral, and so:

He writes about all the best things that happened each month of the past year, with pictures and quotes that mean something special to just us. He ends every entry with “I love you.”

He wasn’t ready to give it to me on November 22, but tonight is perfect. 8 years ago tonight, Ben and I exchanged “I love yous” for the first time ever. We were sure we’d always be together after just 6 days and we’ve never wavered since. Today is the end of Love Week, my favorite week of the year. We’ll celebrate this every year as if it were a weeklong wedding anniversary since, to us, the meeting is just as important to every love story as the wedding. My mama thinks we’re crazy, but the way we see it is this: if you’re going to be in this for life with someone, you better do all you can to keep the romance alive. Who wouldn’t want to have those first kiss feelings every day?