#1,110 Small Business Meeting.

Josh and Emily are home which always leads to a lengthy, in-depth discussion on the state of affairs at Lucky Luxe. After dinner with everyone at Sweet Peppers, he came over to talk business.

My bookkeeper and co-owner, Mr. Ben.

Josh has a degree in business and is an incredibly clever and successful businessman. I relish his advice when he’s home and he’s never recommended something that wasn’t 100 times better than the plan I had made. Tonight he wanted all the details of the new Lucky Luxe website that’s launching January 1. I felt like I was at show and tell, explaining all the new features, the ordering system that’s different from anything my competitors are doing, the new designs. I showed him what the new banners on the home page will look like after the launch:

And he always is excited to talk about it with us. It’s like Ben said, “He’s educated specifically in business. We’re just winging it.” And it’s so true.

He forecasted some things that have got me thinking, including the fact that I’ve got to get a plan in place right now in the event that business triples and Brooke and I are overwhelmed. I hope that’s the way it goes! What a blessing that would be. I’m not going to count on it just yet, but I’ve got faith that he’s smart enough to know what will work and what won’t.

He also told me how to get Google Voice, a phone number that will connect to my email so if we miss a call we’ll know it immediately and get a transcript of the voicemail in our inbox. We were even able to almost get my parents’ recently disconnected landline phone number, what I’ve considered my phone number since birth. Once again I’m connected with 601 and 4473 all in one phone number and I’m pleased as punch about that.

Also, finally oiled the dang butcher block countertops today. I was supposed to be doing this like… every week since we got them in March. Today was the 4th time. Cut me some slack.

Since they were dried up and neglected I let that sit all day. We should be set for at least 2 years now, right?