#1,132 Surprise Visitors + Door to Door.

You can’t imagine how excited and surprised I was when this furry face appeared in my front door randomly tonight:

The Napiers were on the 3 hour drive north from Ocean Springs to Newton to spend the weekend at Ben’s parents’ and wanted to surprise us. Ellie was here too, but she ran with her blankie straight for the chaise lounge to continue her nap as she always does when she comes over to our house. Isn’t it the best to see people who are so familiar in a place you least expect it?

In other news,

tonight was petition time. While Ben went knocking on 6th Avenue doors, these 3 dudes went with me:

Up 5th Avenue and the side streets getting signatures from our friends and neighbors for this very important document:

We didn’t get to all the houses we wanted to tonight and no one was home at nearly half the houses we went to but, but the great news is out of the 50 registered Ward 5 signatures we need we got 48 in an hour and a half. Tomorrow we’re going to make it 70 just because. It was nice walking the whole neighborhood and talking to people I don’t see everyday. I’m excited to do it again tomorrow!