#1,131 Vote for Ben.

Ben is running for city council and today he penned the most wonderful letter that will go out to rally support for his campaign. I’m so very proud of him and want to share with you a small snippet of what he said:

Somewhere along the way, many Laurelites lost their pride. The common thought among young people is, “Laurel is boring, I can’t wait to leave.” As a youth minister, I understand that if you lose your young people, you lose your future. If we wait for someone else to pick up the reigns and be a cheerleader for this city then we will fall into decline.
One of our great Laurel Police department detectives explained to me that the reason our crime rate continues to decline is because our boys in blue are proactive instead of reactive. Our elected officials need to be proactive, seeking out the best for our great city instead of waiting for it. We need energy and strength in city hall.  There is a reason people call me Big Ben. 
If you live in our neighborhood I hope so much that you’ll be at the polls on June 4. Who wouldn’t want Laurel to thrive?