#1,144 Mandevillians Etc.

It was a big day at the studio because I had company coming in from Mandeville, Louisiana. Mrs. Teresa, the mother of one of our darling brides, and her best friend Mrs. Suzanne wanted to see and touch real invitations and talk about the details of the invitations. I was happy to have them but I had NO idea we’d hit it off like we did. They got there and right away I felt like I was hanging out with my mama and her fun tennis girl friends. After a long visit at the shop Mrs. Teresa crossed invitations off the wedding to-dos and we went to Lee’s for lunch and then dropped in on Andrea at Southern Antiques. They left with lots of great finds, we exchanged big hugs and I felt very sad to see them leave. I can’t wait to see Hope’s invitations in print!

In other Good Things news, I was asked to make the 40th anniversary design for this year’s Day in the Park a while back and today I spent some time on it. It took me about 30 minutes because it came to me so easily. That’s VERY unlike me when I’m making a new concept, and I think it’s because Day in the Park is a festival I’ve been going to since I was old enough to walk and I have many many happy, sunshiney memories connected to it. I think any of these colors will be my favorite t-shirt when they’re done. I just hope Laurel Arts League likes them!

Bingo & Breakfast night at church was totally insane. It’s seriously like one big happy family.

More success at dogcycling:

All around awesome day. Bingo!