#1,143 Clare + Dogcycling.

I just spent 30 minutes on the phone with one of our darling brides, Clare. At 10 pm, because it’s only 8 pm in San Francisco where she lives. And because she’s such a genuine, friendly and agreeable person I absolutely enjoyed our phone call to discuss the postcards for her Italian wedding this fall.

She has the coolest Australian accent which makes me feel like a bore. It puts your life in perspective when you talk to people like this, doesn’t it? Southern accents are cool, too. Totally cool. Clare—if you’re reading tonight, we always go the extra mile for sweet people so don’t fret over edits!

Guess what else I did tonight?

Oh, you know. Hooked Baker to my bike and let him run to his heart’s desire on the track at Gardiner Park. We made 2 laps at full speed then rode a little more at a slower trot. He’s got major endurance and he’s borderline obese so this is going to be awesome for him. Yay for fitness! For everyone!

Too bad we’re so fast Ben couldn’t even get a picture of it. Or we forgot, whatever.