#1,168 Organized Spring Cleaning.

Today I went over to the studio and threw away 3 boxes of old samples, lots of bad figure drawings from my last semester, a School of Rock poster, 1 small carry on bag with a broken shoulder strap, various and sundry paper that was too ugly to use for anything crafty, and found a home for the mid century modern chairs Ben found a few years ago that have been taking up space in my studio.

After that was done, I got to work organizing the newly declared ‘sample room.’ Thanks to Josh and Emily’s cabinet donation, my work life is now neat and contained in an orderly fashion. Though I’m the only person on earth who will understand the rhyme or reason.

And while I was doing that, Ben was going door to door in Ward 5 meeting new people. He filled up one of his new notebooks with the names of people who want to help, want a yard sign, or want to vote.

It was such a positive day for the campaign that we celebrated by overeating at supper and finishing it off with tiramisu. World champions.