#1,187 Planning.

It’s spring break in south Mississippi. Is it where you are?

This week, most of my instagram and facebook newsfeed consisted of:

A. An early morning photo of the ocean from their balcony (Rebecca).
B. A photo of them with wind whipped hair on a beach, freezing, but in the sand which negates the cold (Alex).
C. A status about how great it is to just hang out this week and piddle in the yard (Candace).
D. A photo from inside the fancy grocery store in Destin (Adam).

You 4 have made my week the longest one ever.

While my life sometimes feels a little like a vacation when I get to sleep late and go to work whenever, I am neither a student, teacher, mother or kept woman so spring break no longer applies to me, sadly.

So I spent tonight making a plan for the weekend. Before Sunday, I will:

1. See the gulf and/or wear a swimsuit.
2. Spend an extended period of time in the sun.
3. Shop.

Stay tuned for results.