#1,195 On A Lighter Note.

Last night was heavy. So I’m going to take it easy tonight and post a few pictures from the last 48 hours that have made me smile.

1. Ben skinned his nose in an ultimate frisbee game. Hazard of the job. He’s been sleeping in a band aid in an effort to heal it.

2. Springtime in our town is breathtaking on every corner. The azaleas are so beautiful, it makes up for the pollen that’s keeping our houses dirty.

3. My handsome husband met me for a lunch date at La Fleur yesterday. When he wasn’t up talking to people, I was falling in love again. Those eyes? Too much. Have no idea how I wound up with him. He shares his french fries.

4. Ole Miss beat Wisconsin in the tournament today. I made salsa and we got really good turkey and fancy bread, sliced red bell peppers and ranch dressing and we had my parents over for a game party/lunch. Springtime disappeared which called for a fire. It’s so nice to be an Ole Miss fan these days.
5. Discovered an awesome looking shop that’s opening soon in downtown Laurel. Haven’t heard a whisper of gossip about it. What in the world, neighbors and friends? Who’s responsible for this?
6. Movie night to see the latest Gerard Butler. Which was great. But don’t trust my judgement, I love literally anything he does. Don’t search his name on this blog, he’ll come up more than is acceptable. But it really was good. Seriously. And Sawmill Square Mall was ballin out of control:
7. And got giddy about Gatsby, which is coming soon:
Been a good couple of days, folks.