#1,200 Big Ben Means Business.

I’m thankful because I still have a huge crush on Ben after almost a decade together. By that I mean, I don’t just love him, I’m in love with him. My heart skips a beat when his name lights up my phone, and when I’m standing beside him I feel like the best version of myself. I know we’ll always love each other, but I hope we never stop being in love. 

Today I had the great pleasure of designing a banner of his grizzly face that will be about 12 feet square hanging on a building in downtown Laurel. Maybe it won’t get him a single vote, but I’ll enjoy seeing it every morning on my walk to work.

For any of you Laurel folks reading, he cut back that huge bush that was hanging over the sidewalk on 5th Avenue at Rogers-Green and the Ivey house. Hopefully Mrs. Betsy won’t mind, and I know all the other runners, walkers, baby strollers and dog walkers will be glad for it.

Also, Lisa emailed me tonight in recovery—she did great in surgery and is thankful for the prayers!