#1,205 Police Chase.

Mallorie and I went to my parents’ this evening so my mom could hem some pants for her. We left at 7:15 headed to town to meet everybody for dinner at the hibachi place. We pulled out of the driveway, and this white car followed by a police car with blue lights flashing flew over the hill and were right behind us in no time.

Mallorie’s initial thought: “Am I speeding?”

The white car was inches from our bumper in seconds and the police car was inches from theirs. The assailant tried to pass us, but the police expertly clipped their back end which sent their car fishtailing, and so she sped up to get away from it as fast as possible. But that didn’t stop the assailant, they kept driving and got back on the road, flying up on our bumper again.

Mallorie was screaming, “What do I do?!? WHAT DO I DO?!” We couldn’t stop because we were on a curvy road with no shoulder, only deep ditches. We were going 80 mph to try and get away from it as quickly as possible, trying to get to a road where we could maybe turn off. The car was trying to run us off the road, but Mallorie punched the gas, staying just fast enough to miss his charge without getting hit. If she hit the brakes on a curve, her big heavy Yukon wouldn’t fare well being so top heavy. We were horrified.

The car finally gunned it around us with the police right behind him, and we slowed down enough to get off the road at the edge of a ditch without wrecking. We sat, and breathed. And cussed. And were terrified. As she began to pull back onto the road, 2 more police cars whizzed past at least 100 mph, which scared us all over again. After they passed, we got back on the road and saw the assailant had driven off the road into a field, we watched him do a donut to try and get back on the road and outrun them, but 10 cars came in from the direction of town and 2 cars rammed the assailant, wrecking his car so he couldn’t drive it anymore. He jumped out running, but they tackled him in two footsteps. We thought there would be gunfire or something to really wrap it up. No luck.

We didn’t have a wreck. And we’re okay. And that is the best thing that happened today.

And we’ll always have this cool story about the time we were in a police chase.

Our husbands were worried, relieved, then jealous. We’re so tough.