#1,206 The Great Closet Cleanout + Supper Club.

Since spring is here and summer will be on its heels any day now, it was time to have the annual swap. We took all the winter clothes to the apartment:

And I brought over the hot weather clothes from the apartment, washed and dried it all and restocked the closet. I feel like a new girl!

We also got the big closet in the office cleaned out completely so we can turn it into a half bath soon. I’m SO excited about this project! Ignore that hole to the storage back there—it’ll be covered.

And tonight was supper club in the Wilsons’ awesome backyard paradise. I had no idea it was such a serious kitchen, with fryers, grills and flattop griddles built into the bar with a HUGE TV and outdoor pool table and an outdoor shower beside their pool. Like… It felt like a legit vacation for 3 hours. And I met Julie who just moved back to Laurel after being gone for the last 9 years. She’s awesome and I suspect will be making future appearances in this blog.

Y’all ought to come next month. It’ll be at Suellen’s so you know we’ll have a goodun!