#1,217 Improvements.

Ben spent the morning with some of his youth and college kids tilling up the roundabout on Central Avenue for the ladies of the Garden Club. They’re planting a rose garden near downtown in Randy Meador’s memory, so when she asked if Ben would be interested in taking on the muscle of the project, he was honored. 
I’m so excited to see it after they plant in a few weeks! It’s going to make that entrance to downtown and the train depot gorgeous.
After the gardening he helped me pressure wash the old cast iron sink that my grandfather put in storage at our family’s cabin out in the county. It took some elbow grease, but we cleaned it up as much as we could and it still looked really rough. I bought a refinishing kit from Lowe’s and in another hour, it went from rusty:
To like new, with a few chips and dings still here and there (but who cares?):
It’s free and exactly what I had in mind for our new half bath, so I’m tickled to death with how it turned out. Oh, also—new inspiration for the bathroom… Tongue in groove walls that will (hopefully) feel like they’ve been there since 1925 painted SUPER glossy Dover White.
And I found the perfect light fixture for above the sink for just $59. Winning!