#1,233 Jackson Doctor Trip.

My friend Rachel is in medical school and she’s using my weird, rare, stomach disorder as a case study that could help her get a trip to California to a medical conference. She went with me, Ben and mama today to see the hematologist in Jackson who’ll be working with me on my possible porphyria diagnosis.

Aside from drawing blood:

It was a pleasant experience. It’s sorta nice going to a doctor when you feel great so you can clearly articulate what happens when the spells occur. It was kind of weird, too. I’m glad Rachel was there to translate the doctor-speak. Afterward, we went to Cups so she and Ben could get some caffeine. I was hanging out with two of the tallest people I know, feeling rather height challenged.

Somehow I’ve never been to Cups in my whole life!

Now we have to wait until my next attack so they can test my porphobilinogen levels. Whatever that is will be the key that might unlock the mystery of my diagnosis. I hope it never happens again, but if (when) it does, Rachel will be in the ER with me to make sure the test is ordered correctly. Tonight I’m so thankful that God puts the right people in your path when you least expect it.