#1,240 Feeling Like Myself Again.

Oh gosh, y’all. I’ve been feeling very very bad since the attack on Thursday. They gave me 2 doses of Dilaudid this time and I didn’t fare well. I’ve been sick since, just not in the same way as during an actual attack. I’m so happy that today the fog cleared and I felt more like myself. I worked until 5, I visited my grandmother where my cousin Kent and Aunt Bert were also visiting. I laughed for the first time since Thursday at him. He needs a radio show we could call Killin’ It with Kent. It would be totally over the top. He’d be brutally honest, un-PC and use clips from gospel choirs and use bullhorns. Then he would pray at the end. Could be huge. Just sayin. Mallorie, can I get a what what?

I just laughed again thinking about him.

Physically I’m feeling about 70% today, but at least I’m feeling more positive in my head. Rachel is studying my case and working so hard on it that she’s made a resolution to find my diagnosis before she finishes medical school next May. We have 1 year, and I bet she’ll have it nailed by winter.

God is watching over me. For sure. I know this because my mama brought me her homemade vegetable beef stew for lunch and we happened to have some sour cream in the fridge that wasn’t moldy yet.

Also, just rediscovered these old photos Brooke took of me on my wedding day while I was getting dressed. It was no place for Patrick, our buddy who did the rest of the wedding. She’s booking sessions for summer and fall and I shared them on facebook and thought some of you might want to see her beautiful work, too.