#1,276 Shortcut.

I got a haircut today. My normal stylist, Nikki, was all booked up for the week, and I’m going to be gone next week, so I made an appointment to see Daniel, the stylist who cut my hair from the middle of my back:

Hick day, senior year. Weren’t we so talented?

To the pixie cut that got Ben’s attention freshman year:

So I decided to go shorter today, for kicks. I took a before photo, but I was wearing a scarf so that’s moot.

And here’s the result:

It doesn’t seem much shorter from recent pictures, but there was SO much hair on the floor.

It’s fun to talk about hair sometimes.

Also, I saw the new exhibit at the museum today. It’s of famous rock star portraits. There are lots of Elvis portraits, and Jim is friends with Elvis’s bodyguard from the last 5 years of his life, and managed to get him to come speak at the exhibit. Fascinating.

Kurt Cobain was there, too.