#1,277 Twin Lakes.

Today we shipped some of my favorite invitations to date to a sweet couple planning a Twin Lakes wedding. I blogged about it over at Lucky Luxe, but photographing them this afternoon was such a little pleasure it’s trickling over to this blog, too.

Gosh that was a fun design to do, y’all.

Also, we listed our oven on craigslist this morning and a guy drove from New Orleans and bought it this afternoon. You can’t beat that. The eyes on the stovetop don’t really work and we’ve had 3 technicians check it and they can’t figure out why. So we’ve been basically stovetopless for a while now and when I found Mallorie’s awesome Kenmore Pro oven for 50% off at Sears, I bit the bullet and bought it over the phone from a store in Texas. Ben’s brother is bringing it to us in a day or two!