#1,278 Big Day Downtown.

Summertime in downtown is such a fun place to be. I remember when I was in high school and I worked at Signature Coffee Shop and open mic night was every Thursday. I would play shows there sometimes and that was literally the only thing happening downtown. We had 1 coffee shop, a formal dress shop, and the antique store. There was the predecessor to the Loblolly Festival, the Main Street Festival, and that was the highlight of the year for me besides Pancake Day.

But things are very different now. Thursdays are becoming huge in our little town, and people are driving from the county to be a part of it every week. Next Thursday will be even bigger, since the Rusty Chandelier and 3rd Thursdays open mic will be going on in addition to the regular Thursday events like:

The farmer’s market, which was WAY bigger than the already big last week. Over 600 people came to the market today:

Followed by a historic district neighborhood party at Mal and Jim’s:

Which was followed by opening night for movie night in Pinehurst Park. There were over 300 people there to see Madagascar 3.

It’s so fantastic to finally see this kind of momentum!