#1,288 Mark + Friedrich.

Today was the first Sunday for the Andersons at our church. Everyone is LOVING him.

And here’s a biggie. Y’all know I sell letterpress wedding invitations for a living, right? Most people think I do the printing, too. Not so. A super cool dude named Friedrich who lives in Memphis with his beautiful wife, Gabrielle, does all the printing. I found him through classifieds on a letterpress website, and he’s been printing for Lucky Luxe for about 3 years now. We talk every day via email, phone or text when I’m sending him new orders, we’re friends on facebook, Gabrielle and I share photos on instagram, we mail each other goodies on birthdays and holidays, and yet… We’ve never met. Not once! And he’s basically my business’s bread and butter.

And I was so excited to hang out for a little while that I forgot to take a single picture. I do this too much. Ugh.

I did get them to send me a picture on their way out of town before I forgot altogether, though. They sent me this jewel from the Smokehouse!

Isn’t technology incredible? I mean, it’s what brings you and I together, too. So many of you like Talia, Lisa, Lora, Jennifer, Bekkah, and all you sweet anonymous posters feel like friends that I’m comfortable and familiar with. And we’re just telephonic waves and fiber optic wires in reality. Woah.