#1,292 Cooking for Friends.

I’ve realized something today. I don’t enjoy cooking for just Ben and I. Fortunately, we share most every dinner with Jim and Mallorie, but we usually eat out. Since we got the new oven, I’m loving cooking and having friends around the table. Josh and Emily are home until July 9 (YAY!) and once Jim is home from his business trip, our family of friends will all be here. When they’re here we try to eat together as much as we can, we talk about the neighborhood and what they’ve been missing, where we’re going this fall for our anniversary, how business is going, and all the other things they miss when they’re gone. I didn’t make anything special, just Italian grilled chicken and roasted squash, but we were less interested in the meal and more interested in the talking. Tonight, Julie joined in:

 Panorama shot caught Ben blinking, then not blinking, and merged it to created a one-eyed man. 

And there was arm wrestling.

It was a tie! They eventually just gave up.

And then I designed cards for Julie’s bakery side business. It’s like I told her—you’re only as legitimate as you appear to be. She’s been baking out of her home, and people are paying top dollar for her extravagant cakes. It was time!

Also, I cut my hair even shorter today and Nikkie nailed it! I love how easy it is to fix!

P.S. I just reread this old blog and it made me give Mitter a hug.