#1,305 Laurel Love.

So I’ve got this idea.

Laurel was put on the map by these wealthy lumber barons who moved here from Iowa, planted the gorgeous oak trees, built their mansions, and made this the biggest exporter of yellow pine in the whole world. So we’re known for our history in lumber and because John Lindsey invented a wagon that revolutionized the industry. I’ve found the original logos for the early companies around Laurel and I think it would be a fantastic little fundraiser for Laurel Main Street if we print t-shirts with the revamped original logos for sell around the antique shops and museum.

Wouldn’t you want one? I sure would.

Serendipitously, Julie baked a big batch of I ♥ Laurel shortbread cookies that she’ll be selling at the farmers market tomorrow. I have a feeling these might become her calling card. Can’t you imagine being a little child and getting one every Thursday? A special tradition like Primo’s gingerbread men!

P.S. I’ve gotten some sweet letters and goodies in the mail over the last couple weeks and I just want y’all to know how special it is to me. I’ve got stationery and I intend to write you back, it’s just taking me a little while to get to it!